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一齊曬曬吧!Let's Get Tan!




  • 令皮膚產生維生素D,幫助雀鳥骨骼、喙、羽毛的生長。

  • 增強雀鳥的免疫系統。

  • 殺死羽毛和皮膚上的細菌(最近發現,陽光甚至能殺死致命的PDD病毒。)

  • 甚至減低鳥兒患癌症的機會。

  • 預防雀鳥(特別鸚鵡)患上焦慮和抑鬱症。

  • 增強雀鳥的視覺能力。

  • 自然陽光只能在外面到達。在窗戶旁邊放置鳥籠是不夠的,因為大部份玻璃帶色,會阻擋90%的太陽紫外線,所以不能幫助生產維生素D。


Birds need to get tan~

Do you know? Birds see richer colors than us under the sun!

  • It produces strong bones, beaks, and aids in feather production.

  • It builds the immune system.

  • It kills germs and bacteria on the feathers and skin (and it has been recently discovered that direct sunlight kills the deadly PDD virus on surfaces.)

  • It minimizes the chances of developing certain cancers.

  • It reduces anxiety and depression.

  • It enhances a bird’s vision.

  • Natural sunlight can only be reached outside.

  • Case by case, setting your bird’s cage by the window may not be enough. Some glass blocks out 90% of the sun’s UV rays, even screens block out 30%, so there may not be any gain for vitamin D production.(Source:

In addition, birds will be able to see clearly the color, appearance, etc. of another bird under the sun, which is very important for their partnering!

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