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Don’t use this food box!!!

【Reason 1】This food box requires the strong spring-door to hold tight on the cage. However, the top and bottom part of this food box can actually be separated easily, especially when being pulled by strong and naughty birds such as lovebirds. Both parts will be fallen off easily, accident would then easily happen when the birds try to sneak off but being trapped to death by the spring-door of the cage. This happens a lot!

【Reason 2】Birds feel extremely uncomfortable by putting their head in then turn 90-degree down to reach the food. They will not have any sense of security eating there. Therefore, once they get hold of the food they will immediately pull its head outside to chew, causing the food to fall outside while biting and chewing, and a lot of wastage, which may further induce nutrition-imbalance due to in imbalance intake.

【Reason 3】This accident happens a lot! Some small birds such as budgies do accidentally lose balance and fall inside, then were being soaked to death if the food box is full of drinking water.

Suggestions Always use a wide opening food bowl. This allow the birds to eat happily and be more focused on eating, while reducing the problem of wastage.

Suggested size:

- at least 6-8cm wide, 5cm deep, for small birds like canaries and budgies

- at least 10cm wide, 5cm deep for medium sized birds like African greys.

Please share to avoid more accidents from happening!

Photo credit:Lina

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