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Poops 101 💩

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Poop has water = diarrhea?

No! No! No! It‘s not definite. It’s not that easy~

Dry poop does not mean perfect. It actually depends no what food the bird consumes. Let’s look into details~

Poop of the nature 💩

Have you ever been bombed by bird’s poop from the sky? Did you recall how watery and dirty it was? Poop of the nature is watery, because birds in the nature do not eat pellets. Only pellets cause dry poop.

Poop of the aviary 💩

  • Fed on seeds:Seeds are rather oily, the kernels are soft. As such birds fed on seeds drink relatively less water (ya, not that healthy), and there will be a ring of urine around the poop, but not a lot;

  • Pellets:Pellets are powders of grounded food materials pressed together, as such, similar to our biscuits and breads they absorb water. As such, the poops are dried and looks good, however they are not natural. And therefore, if the poop becomes watery for birds fed on pellets, that would usually means diarrhea, if prolonged, may refer to kidney problem or parasitic infections. ;

  • Pet Bird Love’s formula:Poops contain both urine and poop, and poops will be of different colors as there are different ingredients in the formula.

Moreover, babies fed on baby formula, the first morning poop and poops for birds that have just eaten, will be relatively more watery. It is normal.

Non-brown poops = sick?

No! No! No! Of course NOT!

Poop colors truly depend on what the birds eat. For instance, babies fed on baby formula have poops of light brown, birds fed on pellets have brown poops, birds fed on seeds have dark green poops, and birds fed on our formula have poops of different colors, from brown to green to reddish orange~ Birds will have green poops after eating vegetbles, and red poops after eating carrots~

The progress of poops 🤣

For starter of our formula, at the beginning, the birds will drink more water, and may not eat as much yet, therefore more water in the poops. This is normal and nothing to worry. As long as you follow the feeding instruction, and adjust correctly the eating habit of the birds, the poop will become drier progressively. In case the poops keep to be watery, it may mean that the birds is a very picky eater. Please contact us to seek methods to adjust the picky habit. (Poops of birds fed on most formula except 王牌天然配方 will be relatively dry with a slight ring of urine.)

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