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The diet of lorikeets

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

Due to lorikeets' special physical structure, their diets are completely different from other parrots. The lorikeet has a broom-like tongue, of which the end is formed by soft and fluffy tissues, which let lorikeet easily and conveniently sweep out the pollen from flowers for eating. Since the broom-like structure on the tongue is very soft, lorikeets are not adapted to eat hard food, otherwise their tongues may be permanently damaged!

The daily diet for lorikeets is limited to pollen, honey, soft fruits and vegetables. At the same time, their whole digestive system must be kept moist for a long time or else they will have indigestion. Seeds, large amounts of animal protein, etc. are not part of a lorikeet's normal diet.

Therefore, it is not easy nor cheap to make lorikeets' food, and it is relatively scarce in the market. As such the following is often observed:

(1) Because of lack of knowledge, the bird-sellers often mistakenly instruct customers to buy food that can not be easily digested by lorikeets (e.g. egg food, hard fruit food, etc.);

(2) In order to save cost, bird food manufacturers use a lot of chemicals to make lorikeets' food and use food ingredients that are not normally eaten/easily digested as fillers (such as Vetafarm Nectar Pellets and Wombaroo Lorikeet & Honeyeater Food), the first one uses many fillers and the latter basically have NO "food").

Eating inedible substances may cause poisoning and short-lived problems in lorikeets! No wonder many lorikeet owners indeed have a headache with obtaining a good diet for their pets. Since it is not easy to make lorikeet food, I had refused to make lorikeet food in the past few years until recently, a lorikeet has become sick due to long-term dietary wrong intake, and I got really upset that I started studying and researching, and finally made the first lorikeet formula in 2020. The formula has been upgraded many times after many months of follow-up and continuous researching, and now it is reputed as tasty and nutritionally balanced. Feedback from lorikeet owners are very good, and the formula has been repurchased many times. Moreover, there are a great enhancement in the formula in 2022, now with many many visible pollens and flowers, making it much more tastier for our little lorikeets~

Get your lorikeet formula from our menu!

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