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Use of Heater

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Wow it's getting cold~ Have you prepared a heater for your birds?

Many parrots are from the tropical zone. Therefore most of them are a bit scared of coldness. For those parrots that come from cooler places, as they have been domesticated for long, and especially in Hong Kong we like to turn on the air-con in summer and heater in winter, their feather growth cycle will differ from what it should be in wildlife and therefore causing them to be more susceptible to coldness. As such, even it's actually not that cold in Hong Kong, we better prepare a heater for birds.

There are many rumours and questions regarding the use of heater. Here are some Q&As for your reference~

Q:What wattage should I choose?

A:What wattage to choose depends your area, floor, direction, cage size, etc. For example, if you live in the New Territories, at the seaside, or on extremely high floors, the temperature is generally a few degrees lower than that in the city center, so the wattage should be higher. If you live in city center, your flat faces south, etc., you can choose a lower wattage.






Original temperature






After use**






Increase by

About 3 degrees

About 6 degrees

About 8 degrees

About 10 degrees

About 15 degrees

** The above is for reference only, actual figures may differ depending on different environmental factors.

Q:At what degree do you turn on the heater?

A:Each species and even each bird of the same species may have different adaptability coldness (well isn't it same with people). Generally speaking, adult birds live comfortably at a temperature of 20 degrees or above. Below 20 degrees, you can start considering using heater of different wattages to adjust the temperature. If it is the first winter for baby birds, it is safer to use a heater to stabilize the room temperature. ⚠️ It is necessary to pay attention to the temperature difference of the day (for example, it is generally much hotter at noon), observe the actual temperature and bird conditions at all times and adjust the heater. Each area, floor, flat direction, and cage size all have an impact on the ambient temperature.

Q:Should the heater be placed inside or outside the cage?

A:The design of the heater is suitable for use either inside or outside the cage, but in actual operation, please consider the size of the cage and whether it will be too hot after covering the cage. For example, if you're using a large cage, it will be more suitable to use it inside the cage, which can further be covered with a cage cover (don't let the cover touch the heater). If the cage is small, hang it outside, and only cover up to 3 sides of the cage without covering the side with heater. However, it must be noted that when using heater, please do not completely cover the cage but leave breathable gaps. There must be both "hot and cold areas" within the cage for the bird to move around. In order to establish the best air circulation, it is recommended to hang the heater in the middle or lower position. ⚠️ The actual temperature and bird conditions must be observed and adjusted at all times.

Q:Put it in the cage? ? Will you burn the birds?

A:It is true that there had been accidents around, but the reason for the accidents may surprise you! The birds got hurt NOT because of the heater being too hot, but because it is not hot enough!! For instance, when the environment is too cold and a heater that is not hot enough is used, the bird will stick to the heater in order to get warm, causing feather to be burnt. As a flight expert, the bird's sense of airflow changes is much stronger than us the bird slave. It is absolutely clear to them that the heater is hot, and they will automatically choose the most comfortable position to stay within the cage. Therefore, I do not recommend the use of low-wattage heater. Choose a medium to high wattage heater (so that it is hot enough for the birds to avoid touching), then adjust the temperature in the cage by placing it at different position/distance, and by covering/not covering/adjusting on how to cover the cage.

Q:Can the heater be turned on for a long time?

A:Yes, but it is recommended to give it a break every day (you can choose to turn it off during the hottest time, say noon, for one hour).

Q:Is the heater only used in winter?

A::Actually, it can be used all year round~ For example, during summer, birds do not have any down feather to keep them warm, so they are most susceptible to coldness at that time. If you constantly turn on the air conditioner during summer, it may be necessary to use a heater to adjust the temperature in the cage. In addition, if there are chicks or sick birds, you may also need one.

Please feel to shop for a Japanese style heater (HK adaptor) from us, which is definitely the cheapest you can find in Hong Kong. If you have any other question, welcome to whatsapp 67780515.

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