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折衷配方|雀鳥主糧 Eclectus Parrot Formula

折衷配方|雀鳥主糧 Eclectus Parrot Formula



折衷鸚鵡腸道俾一般寵物鳥長,對營養的吸收相對容易,因此食療在脂肪、維他命及微量元素等控制上需要控制適宜。為照顧自家寶貝Pepper,同時為大家推出折衷配方,等個個都好似Pepper咁靚🫶🏻❤️ Eclectus parrots’ intestines are generally longer that other pet birds, allowing them to to absorb nutrients relatively easy. Therefore, their diet needs to be carefully controlled in terms of fat, vitamins and trace elements. While taking care of our own Eclectus Pepper, we launch the Eclectus Formula for everyone’s pets so that they can all be as beautiful as Pepper🫶🏻

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